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Topographical Dimensions (Independent 2008)


One cannot easily mentioned about the relation between the musical performance of a modern-day technology and the band’s interests within too many as the likes on poetry, photography, music and films, oil pastels to digital artistic and the long relationship attached within the Electronica Dance Ambient Rock as Odd/Krimson did their parts mastering beats for programming, lyrics and vocal chords through synths or Turnstyle whose playing the bass guitar and turntable or Indigo who sings and does everything else going out to make some fun listening and doing the mind expands in search for awesomeness.

Launching themselves as colorful gloomy lights into Surviving The Odyssey; further walking the show figures of glowing creature like humanoid and fairy as the dark-glasses or good body shapes or even the pair of wings adding more interest towards the values of a record like Black And Blue Restoration mixing thus seventeen tracks not afraid to freaky seductive and not commercial enough to sleeping with someone tonight type but the beat crossing over and manifestation futuristic sounds over Moody Variations, Plasma Etchings, Shell Of Steel, Majestic Opera and Pavement remains listed for the late night drunk dancing clubbers whom lucky enough not to fall from the rooftops or heights but landed splashy onto the swimming pool relaxing the tired bodies for the air-con room temperatures and shots of alcohols that turns thingy awesome again. 

Black And Blue Restoration: