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Titanus II (Shithead Records 2016)

   Currently located themselves in Cologne, Mulheim as known for others as Koln and the members consistency performance to do whatever they loved to do for rocking the blasts off the non-competition sounds over Stoner Rock and Desert-tunes of bluesy/semi-metallic in the standard tempos performed by bassist Hannes, guitarist Mengi, vocalist Georg and drummer Remy did much freaking well to let their first press releasing on the album record – Vieh became sold out.

   The outer-space buffalo-like beasts pulling the heavy burden of the planet letting the gravity losing controls for the moments and shakes the entire surface just like the screaming rawkin’ vocals and groovy bursts of solid riff-age to the thumping drum beats met the exclusive brute sweeping blow-back for alternate Psychedelic Stoner n’ Roll smells induced to your nose and other senses as Phiasco the band pulls the trigger within Erasing Rabbits with My Phaserlight, Ultimate Warrior, Back to The Future and Old Town reaching the intense live recording emotions that slumbers the concluded mission exploring and observations onto thus fine long jamming tricks for crazy audiences.