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Thirst Vecbnost Lillith (Solid State Records 2014)

   After six days over his creation then everything went to a condition of Silent Planet where The Night God Slept would becoming your choice beyond the biblical stories around genesis as it started to fully encircling complete and then, blurred with the ethereal positive topics written down to the new millennium self-originality in Post-Hardcore scenery signs within the performance of the band over the debut. 
Craze craving on Metal-Core semi-christianity beliefs and total annihilating growler vocals meet the drumming blasts in double pedals for the group cracking your ears up open as the beautiful harmony turns to exploding giant eruptions within the mayhem fusion off Metal-Core meets extreme rocking formats through The Well, Native Blood, I Drowned in The Desert onto XX (City Grave) as well as Tiny Hands (Au Revoir) and Firstwake fists punching deadly strikes techniques and more eerie melodic to the Depths II ends it all. 
   Angelic female chants and delivering off the hooks tattering bang heads pit sounds like the envision mission from the high materials creation spirits may did left some holes onto space being filled by thus evil dark entities swarming around to the path of falling down from heaven’s hell-planet to our dearly home galaxy system. 

The Night God Slept: