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Things Make Us Bleed (Lay Bare Recordings 2018)

   On the loving influences brought by their favorites like Chelsea Wolfe, Massive Attack, Portishead to Bjork or Kyuss – both Sean Bilovecky and Gwyn Strang inspiring their musical rocked lower-down tuning as Doom Rock and Metal just like the simple heavy, witchcrafty and tripper-tales on lullabies for chaos temper born as a duo which armed by the pale looks of mysterious but approach-ability riffs and haunting female vocals as the unique combinations in mid-ranged progression stacking your hallmark of eerie musical out of Cleveland to explores more creepy balance resulting these compositions named Frayle in releasing the depth dropping curses spells of potent heeds leisure through four tracks written by magic blends of dark/white rituals to kneeling you down below the bleached haired high priestess reign here on The White Witch EP.

Learn to move your intensifying force of supernatural like telekinesis mage via Wandering Star or Let The Darkness In … 

The White Witch EP: