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The Unremembered (Jhator Recordings 2016)

   Distinctive groundbreaking of innovative twisted futuristic Dark Industrial blend for sinister Progressive Black Metal over the themed chosen as mainly evil hatred, misanthropy or occultism related to the essential matters which this Trondheim, Sor-Trondelag and ex-members of Keep Of Kalessin or Manes outgoing to reach a brand new level taking the stroke of basic ancient Egyptian gods of the Moon and the travelers of the night sky as Khonsu by the meaningful name.
   As T’ol at the main vocals department and project performer on all musical instruments by S. Gronbech with guest appearance for clean vocals by Rune Folgero or guitarist Obsidian C experimenting thus Avant-Garde Black Industrial Metal mastered by Stamos Koliousis and Vangelis Labrakis as the futuristic phenomenon panorama among the machinery city build-in and develops opening eyes of the fortunate audiences to see The Xun Protectorate as the Bergen duet blistering their explosive musical project elegantly, through thus slicing guitars, thundering beats and keyboards displays over weave dense of colliding texture shaped in darkness and stunning crushers by Heavy Metal meaning – well executed and eclectic varied over intense groove-electro at Liberator, The Observatory, Death of The Timekeeper as well as The Tragedy of The Awakened One or Toward The Devouring Light scrambles to make the satisfaction on head-banging masses following their rule of space travelling and the vision upfront which is very dangerous and curios on the same time to think. 

The Xun Protectorate: