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The Steel Forging (Earache Records 2013)

   Los Angeles hasn’t losing most of its touch of legacy among Heavy Metal heritage that used to have it as the capital city of the world during the eighties until the early nineties before Hair Rock being impeached out by Alternative Rock disease infections. One of the newer generation from the California kingdom of hard rocking scene would be White Wizzard – with their Speed Metal led crashing tunes and tempos by James J. LaRue with Jon Leon or Wyatt Anderson as dressing outfit exactly, like you imagine about how rockers should look alike with leather jackets, long hair and dirty jeans cranking high power tunes within these fourth consecutive recording release via The Devils Cut that comprising the shout-outs, rhythmic pleasure to head-banging, great solos and grooves onto the sing-along anthems burn-out the lives over the dangerous sided of town and reality about how Heavy Metal supposed to be blasted like high-pitched clean vocals hurricane.

   Open your ears for Lightning in My Hands, Strike The Iron, Steal Your Mind, The Sun Also Rises, Torpedo of Truth and Storm Chaser – as their goodies themes to be written and recorded for the true metallic heads loyalists out there. 

The Devils Cut: