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The SP Cabin (Fuzzorama Records 2014)

   Stepping out and closely, short timing to check by going up carefully, even when you’re not real humanoid at all but fox people still that something threatening by the curious sounds upstairs in the attic means danger for the living sometimes.

   With the painted decorating house-walls and black cat pet measuring that the open portal in front of you means a good gate to getting through from the boring life here in this world onto the better one or time traveling through space universal among the stars won’t be an escape like you wanted to except the rocking music for the background soundtrack right there played by the Alternative Hard Rock and Stoner Metal crew of Graz, Austrian rock-heads team consisting on “desert mountain session” lovers like Michael Hirschmugl, H.P Leitner, Bernhard Weigl and Daniel Dorninger before the decision came to change the name into Witchrider as their sleep paralysis musical style makes you rode a broom-stick with a real witch claiming the direction which where to go pointing the victim house inhabitants disguising onto something natural with a distortion extorts punching your face and belly over solos and melodic verses within I’m Outta Breath, The Fog or Far From You as well as OCD and Black. 

Overwhelming scratch fight. 

Unmountable Stairs: