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The Skipper (Running Back 2018)

   The third futher grinding works of Hanna Sarkari, Jukka Kantonen, Maurice Fulton and Sven Kortehisto’s Electronic experimental mixture of Deep House and Leftfield within thus self-portraying upon nudity women for Pink Eye that suits for those whom likely, jumping lower to the depth of Clubbing master-bator for these Sheffield-UK’s unit and written plus produced materials by Maurice Fulton as being publishing by several various players and mixers and composing minds with live music performance and programming as examples branded of Pink Eye to guitarist Hanna, Mim Sulaiman for the drums and percussion, thus keyboards and bass programming by Mr. Fulton as well as further special thanks to their friends too – ejecting the beats of oddities within your ears and the world.

Keep your distance and let people dance around you which representing the miracles creates by the track-listed songs of both fortunes and misfortunes via Caryll J The Superhero, Sarah’s E is Back, Karo B is Not an Love & Hip Hop all the way through Luciana Murder Muffins, 5 Left and Spin Cycle inside the seductive, misbehaves and non-popular tricks of future Electro-bursts laser beams on this products.

Pink Eye: