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The Shieldmaiden (Scarlet Records 2018)

   Precious formation unit complete in their great high-techniques Power-Metal formats within the dark-skinned furious female guitarist Talia Bellazecca, Filippo Zavattari (bass), Alberto Mezzanotte (drums), Federico Mondelli (keyboards/guitar/vocals) and leading female singer of European blonde hotness looking in Giada “Jade” Etro ready to killing male domination right now as these Milan, Lombardy band tearing out your stereo system and restoring your faith in Classic Heavy Metal meets Symphonic speed angst and melodies that might arousing you by the great vocals – clean and the rest of the live performance gets tighter as far as you listening more and more through Frozen Crown’s full-length studio epic album: The Fallen King. 

   The forty-four minutes and twenty-nine seconds delivering fully cranking sounds and harmonies within the listed tracks mostly, story-telling about the end of an era as well as the times of struggles in between it like Across The Sea, I Am The Tryant, To Infinity, Fail No More and Everwinter and Netherstorm proclaiming the new powerful Queen of Blades whom manage to assassinating the old beliefs and renew the ancient world to breeding knowledge and leaving supremacy disaster as the entrails of the history. 

The Fallen King: