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The Roadburner Mammoth (Ripple Music 2017)

   Hymn preludes and slightly, slower tuning for the likes on fucking amp-hugging, hard-hitting, fuzz-breaking, ear splitting onto riff worshiping and rock n’ rollers roaming upon the beats and grooves that easily would keeping your head banging while drinking and goes for the moment of hearing through the performance of these Belgium’s global discussing of economy, domestic politics and quantum physics blended to Stoner Rock Doom-Pop and Alternative Rock by Bert Wynsberghe on bass guitar, Kevin Gernaey on lead guitar, Jeroen Van Troyen on rhythm guitars/vocals and Sam Nuytens on drums establishing the Ghent’s metallic recording made well over Fire Down Below name onto Viper Vixen Goddess Saint within the essential Hard Rock popular bashing to mystical riffs of Stoner Metal and the shouts singing of El Viento Del Desierto, Through Dust and Smoke, Universes Crumble to Dashboard Jesus that seems to be out of patronizing curable for sickness but nothing demands more about the great music blending of past and presents like this one no more.

The band proves themselves to be outrageously victorious and spell-bounding within the cooked recording smokey hot to melodically rock up your butt ! 

Viper, Vixen, Goddess, Saint: