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The Reins Warden (Sargent House 2013)

   One of the best written and Folkish flying style over Alternative colors and examples around indescribable blended of Electronic Folk Metal that rocks you up and out easily. Kinds of thus experimental destruction caused by the performance of Chelsea Wolfe solo project of sensuality and rock force attempts as well as the additional musician involving here like Ben Chisholm (programming, bass, keyboards and piano), Kevin Dockter (guitars), Dylan Fujioka (drums), Andrea Calderon (violin) to Ezra Buchla (viola) as well as Patrick Shiroshi on saxophone/baritone clarinet; arranging these particular sweeter darkness and depressive melodic measuring to the album releasing upon Pain is Beauty portraying the Californian lady in red herself did the droning and ambient related musical tunes for We Hit A Wall, Destruction Makes The World Burn Brighter, They’ll Clap When You’re Gone or Ancestors The Ancients solidify the real trip of reminiscent in a softer tuned beats of rhythmic from the women’s mind culture of Sacramento’s objectivity.

Pain is Beauty: