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The Professor II (Jive 1985)

   Materials from the Northern Ireland musical mayhem on Hard Rock family with The MacManus brothers – John, Tommy and Pat with Keith Murrell or Mike Wilson as this old semi-legendary of the local Glam/Hair Rock scene pious as the background story of how some of the members fighting the leukemia battle before the end’s getting involved to broke up the group but in which your chance to hear some of their works via the sexy and truly full force sounds to rock the head-bangers out of you was brought here within this Power And Passion recording as the late of eighties leaving some souvenirs among the solos, melodic catchy choruses and hooks for Straight Forward No Looking Back, Needle in The Groove, Run, Don’t Tell Mama and Let’s Get High means an equivalent for true boozing and plenty minor reports following the local rock community for getting more involved to free sex or drug-user due the period as the music for the masses coming lewd, rude and blasting in high pitch tones Mama’s boys’ stone throne.

Power and Passion: