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The Price Eyes (Century Media 2016)

   Hard Rock or Heavy bamboozle bonanza type on heavy duty within metallic quartet off Goteborg, Sweden is these Matte, Feffe, Ola and Peter non-confusing and straight to rock blasts over the third albums by them nowadays as Repeat Until Death celebrating the head-banging, guts cutting, sure-shot drinking and possible to have sex with most of the good-looking girls states might blasting harder within the expressive rock-views through the presentations of the band – Bombus releasing this recording and your stereo soon delivers their songs like I Call You Over (Hairy Teeth Part II), Rust, Deadweight, Shake Them For What They’re Worth and You The Man or Get Your Cuts leads onto the infamous special shows you attending to here on the Heavy Metal arena rock from Bombus – the newer stars from Scandinavian scene !

Repeat Until Death: