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The PH Too High (Independent 2016)

Finest EP to slamming your day-breaks in a nightmarish situations over plenty beers, moaning/screaming women, torture horrors, memory loss and Sludge/Doom Metal faith within the conditions where nothing seems to relevant when one ended up fronting evil faces in many different figures and for that, these Nutfield, Victoria (Australia) She Beast knows the best to forcing them shuffle up your throat such violently dark as III provides the inferior trio to scares you by blasting music performance in Doomy Metal riffs slow and painful.

The depressive atmosphere or the low brute delivering by Sarena Flanigan (bass), Colin Murphy (drums) and Ben Jones (guitars, vocals) as the fucking loving fans off Sabbath rituals letting the front nude woman cover tells you how is it done in mayhem stomps; horrific stories coming for Saw Pig, Chimp Skirt, Cum Stained Sheets or The Fly allegedly – confirming creepy long finger and claw hands grabs you by the neck.