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The Needle (Self-Released 2015)

   As affiliated to the products official pages and clothing endorsement when the group’s hitting their jackpot by growing bigger and adding fan bases for Fake Life or Honey Stinger or Sterling guitars even as the unsigned band; this Amish Country Metal-Core or Outlaw Metal and Corn-Fed Hardcore from Lancaster, PA unit consisted for Ryan Snook on drums, Tim Bodnar on guitars, lead vocalist Wes Good (ex-Carousel Kings) and Luke Harvey on guitars or Alex Gordon on bass guitar bringing the crazy/crotch squeezer and ear suppresser over their recognizing name of the mysterious band – From Under The Willow and the Ungrateful Misguided within the duration total off thirty-eight and forty-seven seconds landed some greater bursts and explosive beats or tempos in various while the metallic riffs and hooks bombarding the listeners via those ten tracks available as the explosive record play hard through your living room scene much better than you having stupid party while your parents gone out of town.

From Wrong Turn, Speak Up, Transitioning, Home or Like Minds (ft. Dave Stephens of We Came As Romans) as well as Lawless – energizing the positive angst and hatred themes for this new millennium reality in front of us; some might specially, turning us out to a lion into eaten by pieces and became the broken souls and others just enslaving you from the inside out really good. 

Is there still place for the wisdom and good books nearby ? 

Ungrateful Misguided: