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The Methadone Charlie (Hollywood Records 1998)

   Hitting the midst of the radio waves and television channel’s turn-on favorite single about The Way would be one of the finest moment for these seminal Latin-tinged Pop Rock Alternative from Austin, Texas after changing the name from Magneto to Fastball as it is felt to be their lucky moves and the reality shows how is it done.

   The trio comprising for Jeff Groves, Joey Shuffield, Miles Zuniga and Tony Scalzo successfully releasing their second efforts and All The Pain Money Can Buy seemed to have the little less connection to a slower pop tunes that ZZ Top might never wrote as the track listed comes to share the good written songs besides the hits like Warm Fuzzy Feeling, Better Than I Was, Which Way to The Top ? and more catchy tunes that should raising some interests from younger audiences for them. 

Harmony vocals, rocking Americana-based tunes to the neat looking personnel keeps on this band for going a bit more steps through their musical performance career as you expected. 

All The Pain Money Can Buy: