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The Lore Stranger (Ripple Music 2018)

   Ancient misery mesmerizing caught on the tape collective over the outbursts visions of Doom Rock harmonic led from the Ozzy’s era while even when Black Sabbath wasn’t becoming Black Sabbath yet; measuring again by these Los Angeles crew of Classic Rock/ Hard Rock Doomster Grunge and Space Rock fusion known later as The Rare Breed for their Heavy Metal courage and distinctive voice like Mr. Osbourne – parts whining parts cursing as the Americans recording proof in Looking For Today apply to your catalogs of Stoner Doom Metal and rock scene while the mystic magical darken themes bursts in soft distorts via the holy sacred Funeral Pyre or the epic path mapping through Mountain of Dreams as well as thus soloist and mid-tempo standard freckles admissions over Rusted Diamond and Echoes blown out from your stereo system like cold lava lamp broken. As the moon and the dark figure having their perfect alignment tonight – the ritual may prepared and the spells within smokes can be released eternally then … 

Looking For Today: