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The Inheritance (Listenable Records 1999)

   Christianity can never changed the heritage and folklore in traditional non-monostheist/religious and modern day savior words and acts to baptizing the entire vast land of Norway as the territory will always be and shall completely – being under the ruling signs of old traditions and customs and the ancient beliefs that would not easily to be bend and cleansing by holy water or crosses as the symbolic frontier for Black Metal underground scene and genre lives healthy and wealthy there on the north while burning churches keeping them gnarling more and Crest Of Darkness is one of the bands which consisting for Inger Amlien, A.E Rattlehead, Arve Heimdal, Jan Petter Ringvold or Jarle Byberg or Rebo as since the early ninety-three until now for the third times releasing album records there over The Ogress mixing thus Black and Death Metal extreme brute beats to keyboards harmonium and crushers music sounds celebrating the marks of anti-christ was born and grinding harder through the presence of Eucharist, Two Thousand Years, Reference, Euphoria, Gift of Grace, Sweet Scent of Death and Her Crown tells us the story about the new ruler female force conquering the Christian kingdom as the deceptions and disguising makes the plan works to slay the heir, to replacing the traitors on top leaders and later, as the palace being ruined with sins, blasphemy and adultery – the blood-thirsty nephilim took over the throne putting their winged and horned evil deeds up there.

The Ogress: