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The Heckler Masta (Interscope Records 1999)

   Entering V.A. MTV Celebrity Deathmatch album compilation one would hearing some of the finest songs that marks the hilarious and wicked fun off thus creative aired-shows that marks the insanity of the nineties era public figure fools and loser that’s going to be beaten up, blown out and erased from the face of the planet by gory events of ring fights like you can ever imagine. The match between Ronnie Reagan versus Ayatollah Khomeini, George bush confusing to fight the tranny singer Boy Geroge as well as the destruction of Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, Charlie Sheen or Rosie O’ Donnell by lesser-known characters with the cheering out loud from the fans led by the hosts duo whose also weirdy and kind of fully jocky on the entire animated clay dolls stop-motion matches – reporter Johnny Gomez and Nick Diamond as the appearance from Cold Steve Austin or Jack Nicholson for more black comedy parody.

   The soundtrack above some striking fury and explicit themed takes would legally fills by Marilyn Manson with Astonishing Panorama of The Endtimes, Xzibit original theme or Sevendust’s Terminator, the blasting shock-rock horror from Rob Zombie on Meet The Creeper onto Liar’s inc, Primus, Lit and Eminem all through Peeping Tom or Kid Koala or Shuvel and Rakim to Kool Keith are some of the best things for too see Standing 8 with Lit stationed for miserable anthem around My Fault isn’t at any excuses here. Funny how this stupid fun shows did lasted longer to entertains more fuck you generations and hating the glitters of Hollywood stars and dirty politician lives for good !