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The Faint Pimps (Range Life Records 2007)

   The cast of rotated local musicians of Lawrence, Kansas including the head of this solo project Brendan Hangauer with Brendan Costello, Patrick Hangauer and Brian Costello to Adrianne Verhoeven or Kelly Hangauer and Steve Swyers deciding to put the Indie-Pop recording together by writing lyrics and music and arranging them all through the baptizing name of a group called Fourth Of July as the debut revelas here as Fourth of July On The Plains means the flight crossing one’s face of the travelers would loving to hear the rural/suburban area theme ideas on the track-list such as Why Did I Drink So Much last Night ?, Long Gone, Surfer Dude, In Debt, Purple Heart and She’s in love or Like a Tiger as well as Killer Bees – may temporary gives you the measurement for going ahead to greeting new days since the old ones being bad to your unlucky charms before. 

Those orange metallic sky and clouds tells you instantly, to Be Careful of what you wishing for and be wiser to choose your plans tomorrow.