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The Doom City (Not On Label 2013)

   Grindcore unit consisting of the foursome members with serial killer instinct: Gore, Juan, Jon and Rolo putting their purchases of the influences around Dahmer, excruciating terror to impaled war-sore impaled to extreme noise of Lord Gore and Cripple Bastards to Venom or Tragedy out of Los Angeles where those brutality sonic massive sound-dealers and riff-age slaughtering devastation and incredible bloody mutilating brought by BruceXCampbell as being taken from the same character off the infamous Evil Dead series to sequels where these true grinders releasing Humanity Deserves To Die and letting the attacks ferociously from Fear Thy Wrath, Crushed Beneath The Great Weight of Hate, Delusional PVK and Humanity are definitely, testing your imaginable of horrific banshee-like creatures lurking from the trees and woody edge as the grind-screamo and fast killer tempos dominating the entire horrifying surroundings where audience being scared to death before they’re feeling a bit dying and tortured via this type of error extremities to pay the slaughtering ! 

Humanity Deserves To Die: