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The Descending (Arise Records 2003)

   Symphonic Rock quartet of Jens Klovegard, Joakim Jonsson, Magnus Eriksson and Pontus Jansson blasting the heat via their performance on being Axenstar as the band’s Speed Metal great ensemble will touching your epic moment through the second releasing in Far From Heaven as thus drumming double pedals and Heavy Metal rising tides energizing the listeners to love their faith back again as clean vocals and high techniques leading the awesome fast tempos onto the perfect measuring for imaginable in between spaces with stars and the universe expanding louder and rules your stereo system even when there’s no music sounds like them anymore around you – one still drifting within the excellent rock band musical recording on this one.

   You shall sing, air-guitar playing and progressively loving these rocking products for Infernal Angel, Don’t Hide Your Eyes, Abandoned, Children Forlorn and Northern Sky as thus choruses, riffs and verses giving most of the demands you ever wanted for Speed Metal in symphonies – once again opening the books of days and reclaiming the spot to the throne now. 

Far From Heaven: