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The Butcher Pathetic (Cuss Records 2016)

   Alternative jazzy Hip-Hop producer and DJ named William Benjamin Bensussen leads the eerie haunting recording session for himself disguising as The Gaslamp Killer not as a serial killer with survived as surrealism imaginary supplies in array Psychedelic beats through bass and beats off Los Angeles for decades as this time the recording album from him – Instrumentalepathy seemed to be a showing picture for the ancient old beliefs meets spacing skyline journey within for either, time-travelers and music addicts to bare listening. Tracks from the Pharaoh of Drum N Bass choice about Warm Wind (Frimpong) with Amir Yaghmai, Residual Tingles, Gammalaser Kill (with MRR and Malcolm Catto) right through In The Dark (Part Two) with Heliocentrics as digital bonus song definitely, closing the wound causing by pain and wrapped it with anger hatred as many roads to walk being choose by oneself leads the allegory and whistles towards the path that nobody ever wanted to go before.

Such a music career to share to the newer generations with mostly, addictions about gadgets giving them the proposal to be forever drowning onto machinery’s nightmare cause.