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The Bull And Bear (Rise Above Records 2013)

   Londonium's Doom Metal affecting unit like the reminder for those whom used to like England’s best products out from Birmingham and further more off the King George’s soil of the underground semi-legendary and witchraft-cult nation brought to you by Richard Bruce the bass player, Toby W. Wright on bass/guitar/vocals as well as Darius Claydon the drummer and Alastair Riddell on guitars rooting their ageless sounds to the influences from either Black Sabbath or Cathedral and didn’t leave any output about Age Of Taurus on the releasing background story tale over the destruction of mankind by the bible said crafted by god himself because he’s jealous and angry to the sins and the perfections of his creations as the clouds and gigantic waves cleansing the entire face of the planet in a short time as Desperate Souls of Tortured Times did mentioning themes alike a reminder on Sinking City, A Rush Of Power, Embrace The Stone and even the romance of dying whispers over Walk with Me My Queen really captures the essential force of slow beat of the thumps and devastation riff-age blasting louder and come the disaster within … 

Desperate Souls Of Tortured: