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The Bridge (SpookChild 2009)

   Just be prepared to be fall in love with rather than the prediction of blown away while listening onto Dark Metal-Goth Metal from this Melbourne’s based originating the Perth’s beauty Iballa Chantelle (singer/songwriter/vocals/guitars), and her duet N8oR on synth-guitars and programming drums for their likes around and about Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, Old Man’s Child, Amon Amarth and Dimmu Borgir as well as Cynic and blended those wider background themes tales related to the darker creepy of supernatural everything as the seductive female vocals and screams being delighted to be level up as arousing parts within this new experiences of excitement and energy filler of the proud and haunting closer to your favorite Halloween’s sweet nightmares authentic themes via The Creptter Children debut recording – Possessed (album).

   Twisted mind ideas and endorsed of (the) ibanez guitar and physical soundscapes of both independent and commercial productive shall hitting the audience truly knowledge as Feel My Pain, Picking on Me, Love Hurts or In My Dreams and High already spreading catchy hooks and deranged fashion to the public fear since these Aussie Industrial Gothic/Hard Rock of tons synthesizers duet performing to your stereo system at the night time after the rains in the end of the month.