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The Big Fight (Bayonet Records 2015)

   Whenever the miracles on showing you the glimpse of Dr. Pepper and Dr. Hook in one room resemblance as assembling like this entity from eleventh dimension sounds of music initiative as the grooving body inhabited by the born soul named Lucas W. Nathan or knowing himself to the lesser welcome public fans as Jerry Paper.

   Needed a long period to recording his own materials of solos again – this time taking the audience to Carousel as fun-experimental lives performance and baroque classical and Electronic-Pop destroyer crumble tunes available through Greedy Mothefuckers or Halfway Zen, Perma-Song as well as Wastoids or Doesn’t Matter-Take Me and the bully revenge for Piggies or the tales upon disguising pedophiles in wait for victims may causing panic on the rocking moms having toddlers or smaller kids playing there unguarded and maybe often getting snatched by stranger danger ?