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The Anthropophagy (Saw Her Ghost Records 2009)

   We Dragged Our Tusks for Miles and Miles Before The Plains Devoured Them isn’t a permanent ambience sounds of the crushing tempos but later on it is coming like the programming of destruction for Doom/Sludge Metal and Occult Stoner Rock as progressive Los Angeles minds for cleverly calling themselves as National Sunday Law precisely, being forged by only two head figures in the on-sets performance forcing you to buy this explosive products like the banned movies in many countries; La Storia Di Cannibali didn’t forgetting onto being built over the main foundation which is guitar riffs and solos through the skull-crushing drum performance as well the additions off live samples looping, synthesizers, textures and dissonant passage onto powerful screams or melodic bursts with thus celtic mixed with animated young girl loving the hippopotamus beast – weirder and rooted back for century ages means of half relaxing, half- dangerous processing the curses and the tales of folklore as well as the Derek Donley doing the parts of drums, moog to voice and Darin Tambascio did the guitar/celloblaster/synth and voice parts; recommended for the most insane people that love to having quite progressive rock peaceful noises branding the depressive sounds carried by Second Left, Dead Horse, Strong and Mighty Like An Oak, Down The Ocean or And They Fly Too Close to The Sun like Icarus my giving you some lessons to learn before repeating the damn heavy regretful mistakes of your leaders.

La Storia Di Cannibali: