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Teenagers Cancer Sleep (Rock Sound 2016)

   On honoring the legacy for My Chemical Romance crew beliefs and thoughts longing for their ideas on one of their best recording concepts ever through a recording – Various Artists Rock Sound Presents: The Black Parade kinds of payment album there as compiled via some of the next type of A Star-Studded Tribute to The Album That Defined A Generation which is concluded Emo-Rock, theatrical arena publicity and artful craze craving here with thirteen tracks of covers by names like Escape The Fate to One Ok Rock proclaiming The End or Dead!; Crown The Empire welcoming you to their gutted performance and The Sharpest Lives (State Champs) or House of Wolves by Palisades onto Twenty One Pilots as well as Ghost Town or Against The Current among others searching the exact meaning over thus masterpieces written and arranged by either Gerard Way or shreds guitar melodies from Frank Iero and Ray Toro out of the Newark, NJ’s Pop Goth-influences kingdom that seems to be not scattered but forever lives on in the youngsters rockers minds within critics thumbs up !