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Tantibus (Not On Label 2015)

   Mighty harmonic keyboards measuring on ultimate female angelic clean vocals performance through the Israelites’ emerging and amazing Symphonic Progressive Metal alliance consisting for keyboardist Lior Goldberg, Noa Gruman the lead vocalist, Yadon Moyal on guitars, Yoav Weinberg the drummer and bass player Yanai Avnet releasing their debut extended play recording as the delicates sonic speeding up metallic progressions meets the powerful rhythmic beats and thus essential high ranging techniques over their female singer’s ability on the faster to the ballad ones type of songs written there to background thus sacred initiations over the unholy between the fallen angel versus the giant snake on a hidden cave finally, revealed and found by the gods. Within Shards – Pt. I: Birds onto Shards – Pt. III: Gravity covering all the most denial to undeniable sections for Shadows (the album) as the choir by Ita Mar, Yarden Gruman, Shani Gruman onto Carmel Cohen or additional keyboards and classical guitar from Orr Didi making the enclosure for the escaping texts of music in Heavy Metal sounding awesome as you starting it until the finish ends unveiling how the truth and the righteous wins still above the wicked dark force …