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Talk For Me (Universal Music Australia 2016)

   A South African/Australian actor born as a singer, songwriter and a youtuber as well and perhaps, as far your concern to the information on him which conversed how Troye Sivan Mellet changing to Troye Sivan for the career in popular music matches to him as the releasing finally on his debut recording album via Blue Neighbourhood did a sophomore classics on functional groover on Dance-Electro Pop and soft vocals gone to be a new beloved acts for any Synth-Pop/Pop Rock Electro and general Rn’B lovers taking their Bite over the song track-lists through several good and catchy musical performance from the man himself like a great portrait after dark descent towards the glamorous sunny season on planet earth within thus melodies and harmony messages on Fools, Ease, The Quiet, DKLA, Heaven onto Youth and Wild – waking up the people to search the Lost Boy found on the presence of Troye Sivan’s Suburbia dreamland beats on this suitable gorgeous acceptance by the media or the public appreciation for this. 

Blue Neighbourhood: