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Sufrir Toxins (Rapture Recordings 2018)

   Combining on catchy anthem riffs and guitar pulsating choruses alongside the instrumental heaviness breakdowns for Metal-Core busting gutted receive within the shadowing portrait off a figure standing as the watcher on the legendary nautilus-like submarine or u-boat while thunder strikes preparing as selected – the sophomore recording from the North American parts of San Francisco’s band – consisted on clean vocalist Jake Streete, lead guitarist Michael Croce, founder and vocalist Nate De La Hoya-Reynoso to drummer Ryan Clapp unleashed this Perceiver; as before already co-working with producer Cameron Mizell (Sleeping with Sirens, Memphis May Fire) but now here is Cody Fuentes recorded and lending hand to help LindaMar conquered in adversities as struggle sharing for Alternative Post-hardcore and official community music serving and supporting might giving the album stronger just like the tracks inside such as A Place to Stay, Impurity, Ancestors, Breaker, Shipwreck and Vicious Cycles sounded melodic and empowering to metallic ears on solving the mysteries not far from a remote beached island in the middle of nowhere.