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Stuck 04:58 (Self-Released 2018)

   Sinister grumpy crew of temporary demonic seminal Sludge Metal – Gutlocker and face melting sounds to skinned you alive connected to Groove Metal attitudes and gnarly noise of face-melting reputations gain as aspire as raucous gang-members adding to your world their EP of Cry Havoc! spitting the hell-firing eerie dynamic merge of Stoner/Southern Thrash and Hardcore grit asylum while these Woking boys quartet devastating the surroundings with their performance on Sludge-Groove; Craig McBrearty (vocals), Peter Tucker (guitar), Ben Rollinson (bass guitar) and Dean Walker (drums) putting their Surrey-quaint riffs and accents posh as the robotic monster-cat head tripod shooting lasers and burning the city that night leaving only Bitter Memory and No Burden. 

Welcome To Fucktown, motherfucker ! 

Cry Havoc EP: