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Stress Test (Bandcamp 2018)

   Weird looking guy with patch of tons talented in making music or writing songs convertible as passionate over thus Indie-Pop rhythms via the co-working since his late teen publicly starts and opening to international acts or touring and fronting some bands to projects but now Lenny Zenith has moving to NYC and What If The Sun is the latest recording from him - What If The Sun as being creatively drawing thus ideas onto the strange funny figures for the front cover and given this Pop-Rock Noise Power popping and soft distorts onto you as simplified with the helps of drummer Scott Campbell and bassist James Pertusi with producer Ray Ketchem rocking out your radio stations within Cold War, Sunday Dress, Suddenly Someone, Trouble and Decompress Baby or Whatever Stella which likely, thrown everyone’s minds back to the nineties era of positive thinking over the daily and international issues which spreading threats but not going to stop the world to turn around on its orbit. 

What If The Sun: