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Streetknots (Kozmik Artifactz 2017)

   From the dusty old corner of your uncle’s Heavy Metal favorite shop where the rusted steel and ancient spirits bygone to wasted but the top of the mountain still smokey with legendary and thus reckoning echoes further more turning louder as the modern cities receiving beacon signs from the Kingston. New York trio of Geezer whom gets their improvisations and simultaneously boundaries breaking by sonic experimentation via Cosmic Space Rock together by musicians – Pat Harrington on guitars/vocals, Richie Touseull on bass guitar and Charles Ruggiero on drums excites for the right moves and roaring grooves of tons riffage bashing in tight like a g-string covered pussy but never sexist to the core leaving you listeners breathless for more tripping Stoner Metal and bluesy causes via the great album releasing on Psychoriffadelia displaying that this is one of the real fucking guitar record for all.

  Consisting only for five tracks like Red Hook, Dirty Penny or even the awesome straight cover through Nazareth’s hits dealer – hair of The Dog sooner would awaken you up in smiling head-bang for the journey of the century blasts by man-made vehicles towards the night sky period.