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Stench Of Farooq (Unique Leader Records 2018)

   Technical Death Metal shall never ever really dead after all and for example – these Kansas City, Missouri crew named – Ahtme might brings fully destruction towards your selfish modern working figure fuck-heads whom thought that you’re better than anyone else because you make more money or having a good live by success. 
The curses came unnoticed and like the wrath of god or satan’s will – the day of being perfect and beautiful and awesome looking are over now. 
   The crew brought their filthy disease to your body and soul to deformed turning to something disgusting by having the mixtures of skin wines to multiple-purulence and ugliness as Death metal and Grind-Core slamming pummel visions will definitely, disturbing your sights as Ahtme members: Will Garside and Dalton Harper on guitars, Jordan Plumer (drums), Craig Breunger (bass) and Brent Turnbow (vocals) roaming to growls and coming out creeping in from the gutter to terrorizing the neingboring world above it just like how excellent horrific tracks blast within Summoning Shiva, Dig, Subservient or Contort and Control to 9_2_5 right onto Possession Obsession completely devastating the living lively humans on the suburb area as the mysterious snatching of kids and people appears without explanation ...