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Stargate 7431 (Space Rock Productions 2015)

   Amazing venue was the site in Loppen Christiania nights featuring three sets of complete different musical performance and line-up live sessions on original Space Rock and jam concerts for this triple recording captures the glimpse on Oresund Space Collective as being Set-i-Soren on drums, Magnus on guitar, Sebbe (guitar), Jocke (bass), Ola (synth), Dr. Space synth, Set II Tobias on guitar; Johan onto Stefan to Thomas and PIB on bass, guitars, drums as well as Mogens, Christoffer or Jiri and Jesper for bongos, percussion, etc. Out Into Space is the expectation as expected for any of you – Progressive Rock lovers to listening to it; sixteen tracks of highly infectious long jamming and instrumentals might filling out the air with several techniques or effects of sounds ready to shock the audience up through either Flyby Guitar Hero, Has Anyone Seen Nick?, The Last Glide, The Man who Ate Planets as well as Chocolate Orange Candle, Circular Perimeter and Find The Way Out of Here remarkably, repents the show to be successfully – rooted into multi-international collective minds for tons of uniting musicians here learning about each other and self-lesson around the universe itself by rock progressions.

Out Into Space: