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Star Ruins (Burning Star 2007)

   Bari or Barletta – Italy throwing its product a new on these melodic Death Metal unit named Subliminal Fear which consisting for its members: Alessio Morella, Carmine Cristallo, Domenico Murgolo and Marco Albanese quartet releasing their first album under the mastery of destructive title upon thus apocalypse/doomsday effects – Uncolored World Dying.

   With the twisted hype blending for Nu-Metal and Extreme Metal fusion as well as great lead solos and explosive drumming the reigning fallen angel weeping the modern city painted red and marooned as Insane Archetype, Crawls into The Depths, The Silence that Remains or Leave Our Eyes in This Burning Sky the harassing moments where Heavy Metal taking back their dangerous moves and affections for the normal world to be very afraid on the prophecy falsely being told over the lyrics which actually, turning to be true in the end of times.

Uncolored World Dying: