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Star-Crossed Hyde (Fearless Records 2015)

The pursuing of the blends of Pop-Punk, Post-Rock with Hardcore and emotional metallic turning these Bostonian into one of the best Horror-based style Metalcore bands of America right from their independent years to now.

   Ice Nine Kills describing themselves as Theatric-Core and Symphony Metal unit when the releasing of the forth studio album Every Trick In The Book actually, being influenced by The Shining and the formations: Jeremy Scwartz, Dave Sieling, Shane Bisnett, Steve Koch, Andrew Justin Smith to Hobie Boeschenstein, Dave Marvuglio and Grant Newsted writing the background themes for songs like Communion of The Cursed taken from The Exorcist, The Plot Sickens (Alive: The Story of The Andes Survivors), The People in The Attic (The Diary of a Young Girl) to Hell in The Hallways as being inspired by Stephen King’s Carrie right to thus off Bram Stoker’s Dracula or Animal Farm by George Orwell as well. 

Mysterious and supernatural blasting sounds as the magic forbidden book had been open on purpose gives the world a terrible results just like these metal-kids wanted it to happens through a dark romance torture tales. 

Every Trick In The Book: