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Squigglasonica (Planet Dog 1995)

   Never stepping onto any stages of festivals in music internationally, means that you might taking too much time to smoking weeds just like this Children of The Bong acts of duo producing their materials of Hip-Hop, Dub and Ambient from inside their meeting spots around Harrow college in the non-offending ways from Daniel Goganian and Rob Henry as thus second releasing project mixtures on Techno, Down-Tempo to Ambient Dub presenting Sirius Sounds – as the back to their future ideas off the mid-nineties; allowing you to inhale or exhales through the instrumental tricky tracks and beats on Interface Reality, The Veil…, Underwater Dub, Life on Planet Earth and Visitor which is likely – the musicians met the other life-forms while getting high in their rooms several times to get to this !

Sirius Sounds: