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Squealer Go (Rixi 1985)

   Strengthen the warrior voices and rhythmic beats on Diamond Mistress (that should be spreading some tight beliefs for mysteriously mystical) of the exhausted standard of Heavy Metal within the powerless last breath still battling as the Swedish ashes of Regent named Madison the band unit trying to scream higher and forcing the audiences to loving how they’re working harder through the talent contest in Hudiksvall before the prize winner and long term recorded debuting for the late comers off these rockers as Anders Karlsson, Anders Moller onto Goran Edman to Michael Moon but the main figures upon the back of bassist Conny Sundqvist and guitarist Dan Stomberg whose forming this group. 
On to the sensual reflected young female or the orient express looks through the mirror; the guitars and solos and those fanatic loud blasts from the speakers might easily led you to bang the air guitar too but Hard Rock misses its gripping here even the good tracks like Run Boy, Sneaker, Don’t Look Around onto Pictures Return failed to miss the spotlight as the trends moving to the more edgier honest alternative rock modest elements being invented in the northern pacific side of the US border. 

Diamond Mistress: