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Spectral World (City Records 1985)

   Haunting as like one seeing the classic horror movies with scary tales and soundtrack at the same time must be worthy to have nor gladly, being an eye-witness about the Black Hole compels of force and techniques around their performance here on the doomy terrifying records of their second catalogs as the Progressive Rock of Verona, Italy consisting of Robert Measles/Roberto Morbioli (vocals, bass, keyboards), David McAllister (lead guitar), Steve “Fox” Bianchini (guitar) and Luther Gordon/Mauro Tollini (drums) or Paolo Varonese and other ex-members lining up the band with the consent constant blending on Psychedelic Rock, Heavy Metal and Progressive Doom Rock may attracts your interests within Land of Mystery comprising the tunes of nigh-terror or nightmarish themes such as Demoniac City, All my Evil, Blind Men and Occult Forces onto Obscurity in The Etheral House non-blessings the un-luck upon you - the pathetics.

Land Of Mystery: