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Soul In A Jar (Mercury 1994)

   For the using on their delay and reverb effects on thus Alternative Rock and popular Grungy sounds on the late nineties era; these surpassed of cult status level as never for the quartet from Raleigh – North Carolina known later as The Veldt whom romantically being influenced by names like Lush, The Jesus and Mary Chain or The mighty Pixies as like if they’re opening for The Cocteau Twins then someone should later on noticing the greatness musical sounds from Daniel Chavis, Danny Chavis, Hayato Nakao and Marvin Levi doing their own thing through the Alternative Pop Rock and streaming rain of soft wall-ed distortion for their roots upon Dream-Pop to Shoegaze tunes and Afrodisiac will be the band’s debut as well as the milestone recording of all time – not because it has kinds of hits or something famous but the music of it really original to listening for as one should sing-along or just seriously, add more attentions over Juicy Sandwich, Until You’re Forever, Heather, Revolutionary Sister, Wanna Be Where You Are and Dusty Blood – meaning deep as it drowning in depth of a measurement logical nursery by Prince’s soulful and druggy haze of Jimi Hendrix Experiences spooking possessed the young musicians to recording this !