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Sorjerskorna Tribe (Carnal Records 2018)

   Stockholm isn’t always associated with Death Metal atmosphere community club foremost – because the example for the closer looks on this dark aspects of ancient Scandinavian spirituality may leads the swedish local metal-heads to jumping and drowning themselves into kinds of Black Metal alliance with the melodic symphonies customs and more sacrilege bombing drums through the monotonous efforts in a newest full-length album of Gra quartet horde consisting for Heljarmadr the vocalist/keyboardist/guitarist, Vediger the bass player, guitar section portions for Maugrim and Dimman the drummer/keyboardist bashing up louder and hardest via Vasen as a new era for Sweden’s extreme Black Metal missionary to going on conquest and reign its parts by blasting the following tracklists like King of Decay, Hvedrungs Maer, Krig onto Dead old Eyes and Gjallarhorn (Heimdall’s Horn) just like all aesthetic beings of a supernatural creatures by noises collectively, speeding up on the recording as extreme as valuable goes to the fanatic fans only as the woods killed many soldiers for their greedy sinned feelings.