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Solution To The Indian (Phratry Records 2010)

   Grungy Post-Punk Garage prankster music sounds and hateful screaming over the daily problems that keep on bugging you all the time must be right on the corner of these Cincinnati’s gumption ferocious three unit whose coming in a such volatile driven true to Rock N’ Roll and didn’t care about the audience thoughts on their performance while the craze standard and simple fast riffs mixed within the melodic solos or rhythmic solid and again – you might get a fucking good slap in the face or urinating from the stage by Mad Anthony that sounding similar to Jackyl without too much Southern monotheism rawk edgy but to be honest to themselves a confession needs to be made here and the results is …I Spent All My Money on Speed Metal shall becoming a patron for the twelve rocking hard songs written inside the record by the band; Ringo Jones, Adam Flaig and Marc Sherlock after drinking too much of Everclear sentient and not humping their own sisters once a week did the fried screaming about Uphill Both Ways, Rockets in The Yard, Strangest Dream onto Soul, Teeth, Naughhyde or Beautiful Daughter grasping mile by miles showing how redneck-based these trio really are but admitted that We Don’t Look Like Them is a horrible truth to taste without the blasting punkish and grungy affiliates filth to dumped and consuming by satanic demon-worshiping people like dogs battling for Bones.