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Snow White Suicide (Spikefarm Records 2001)

   The luck of changes for their band’s name from Kaamos as the Death Metal approaching sounds turned to more Gothic/Heavy Metal in glamour style facing these Finnish crew of Entwine as the comprising archieves over the members like Aksu Hantuu, Jaani Kahkonen, Joni Miettien, Mika Tauriainen or Tom Mikkola replacing the harsh vocals with cleaner mysterious ones and through the second releasing armory taste of popular catchy to attracts more fans on listening them; Gone the album missing almost nothing but the additional beuty on Riitta Heikkonen on keyboards as the only girl in the group making thus shiny sounds brighter to add more audiences whom may knowing them around the Scandinavian territory and beyond.

   Good rocking tracks about the miracles, the romance and the bleeding painful feelings bent or still finding cures of sweet curses flowing with Losing The Ground, Closer (My Love), New Dawn, Thru The Darkness and Grace – serving the cold season of broken-hearted and envy pleasing lusts or tragedy as Silence is Killing Me ensures that your pick upon this really worthy to the catalogs of solitude bleeding kisses of a dead lover.