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Snake Goblets (Singapore Sling Tapes 2014)

   A surreal temporary of fortune and misfortunes of empowering experimental music progress within some kinds of Electronic devices meeting the match to live instruments there, there to soothed your feelings as the hearing senses let the noise comes in to you through the lap sitting in Living Room or being alone transcending the reflective years and accidentally, having this strange noises not just echoing and haunting but also, blessing the rhythmic pulses around you as you can hear the planet breathing or beating the essential core of heart of herself lately.

   All the signs from The Spookfish on this recording from cloud hands, dry leaves, two suns or plats and butterfly means the New York ways of sending to the global world the semaphore signals about the loss and the must preserved things in life such as Swimming In The Lake, Through A Crack of My Door, Floating Around, On a Road/Jammin with Greg and Black Ghost with Red Eyes (acoustic). Nothing should be left behind and then being misses when they’re all gone forever …

Living Room: