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Sledge Of Stones (Transcending Obscurity 2017)

   Awesome solo on the intro already invites one whom likely falls for a head-banger sentence via Doom/Death and Stoner Metal passion to love listening on these Helsinki’s quartet comprising for Matias Nastolin (bass, growling-vocals), Olli “Out” Suurmunne (guitars, clean-vocals), Juho Kareoja (guitars) and Aleksi Olkkola (drums) within the art of black and gray sketches on the front cover showing us the distinctive figure shaped of an obelisk right under the sacred full-moon lights to epic ritual purposed by the man standing next to the opening portal of ancient times re-directing The Offering through this fatal slower but heavy mid-tempos and mighty riffs almost atmospheric to taste on thus seven tracks listed on Altar Of Betelgeuze’s record – Among The Ruins.

If you like further doomy sounds from Black Sabbath or the early classic Candlemass – these songs like New Dawn, Advocates of Deception or No Return are all yours to consume by unholy rites. 

Among The Ruins: