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Slaylude Therapy (Ritual Productions 2018)

   Convincing that Mullumbimby, New South Wales area had spawning its collective despair unit of Stoner/Doom Metal clashing noises acclaimed here for Aasha Tozer on vocals, Maggie Schreiber the bass guitar basher, guitarist Govinda Paunovic and Dale Walker behind the drums calling themselves as Australian’s Drug Cult gang of four whose successfully giving the results of punchy snap-necking head banger in slow-motion danger immediately, after one did manage to play the self-titled recording from the group as mysterious cult as mystical femme reaction touches on this full-length as dark and none yet to makes more accident since but sooner shalt.
   Nine tracks listing there with feedback, solos, madness lyrics and harmonic bashing tales of horrific events like your favorite thriller movies and suspense mind allowing thoughts around the curses of the demon or thus summoning something powerful from behind the dimension gate describing openly for Reptile Hypnosis, Mind Crypt, Bloodstone, Acid Eye to The Wall. From the doom-grungy to ongoing scares points of views bothering as a disturbance. Drug Cult is your newest young talents building a secret community to kidnapping boys and girls and offering them to the wood’s spirits by the summer solstice last noon. 

Drug Cult: