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Skynyrd Alabaster (Amish Girl Music 2012)

A Cincinnati or Granville – Ohio local troops of heroic Rock N’ Roll unit consisting for David Butler (vocals/profanities), Ed Shuttleworth (guitars, blood), Brian Kitzmiller (drums, grits), Brandon Losacker (guitars, rattlers) and Kip Roe (bass/knife fights) speaking out of their motto to the fans about “once an owl always an owl” did pretty much describing how Black Owls rocks out their Mennonite rock of glamour senses based on petulance, years of untold sarcasm and wisdom sounds like The Rolling Stones having a different lead vocalist kinds of a reflecting on Mandela’s effects as Money On The Girl that comprising the image of psychedelic flowers blossoming and a nude figure of a young attractive female holding a revolver will doubling the interests and attractions for one to have this album played on their stereo maximized. 

For thus thirteen tracks and fully rocking Glam-Rock and Pop Indie music held the key to directing the audiences not for making mistakes to choose here – Pipesmoker, Tree Blood, Octopus Flat, Sometimes I Wish You Were a Ghost and Bones of Songbirds exactly, fits for the evening anthems finishing the good weekend and entering the late night of the first day of boredom in a normal work-sheets and demands of the greed surrounding your existence for false educating values. 

Money On The Girl: