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Skunkweed Joy (Cherry Red 1991)

   Consisting of Charley Keigher (guitars, vocals), Sarah Curtis (electric violin), awesome rhythmic guardian Jon Chandler (bass) and Ross Cain (drums); these K.O.T.S or King Of The Slums band comes in such a groovy crazed powered melodies written arrangements as being profiled slower than Rage Against The Machine but almost having the same force to moving people’s up while listening to them.
   Through the second album - Blowzy Weirdos – this Folk-rockers whom being little less influenced by Black Music like Rap and Hip-Hop to those social issues lightly to get inked into lyrics around the suburban and urban lives problems like thick addiction on consumerism and capitalist shaken values affection for your small family may occurs within the non-popular taste for Indie Rock songs off Hot Pot Shebeen, Smile So Big, Casin’ The Joint, Clubland Gangs, Joy (MK4, Summer), Mard Arse and Moon On goes for the imperfection battle of oneself against Gone All Weirdo amusement products that haunts you everyday like goons. 

Calm down and say no anymore to the consuming life of your mother …

Blowzy Weirdos: